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Tick Season – What You Should Know about a Common Pet Danger

The Tiny but Terrible Tick – Infographic


Ticks are a small parasite that can pose a big danger to both pets and humans. By latching onto animal and human hosts, ticks can spread harmful diseases including Anaplasmosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme disease.

It’s common for ticks to begin to come out in force during the spring, after the cold temperatures of winter have subsided. Dogs that spend a great deal of time outdoors during warm weather months are especially at risk for tick bites. Common spots for ticks to latch onto dogs include the ears, the shoulders and the upper leg areas.

The Tiny but Terrible Tick

To keep pets safe, owners should perform daily tick checks on their dogs. If a tick is found, it should be removed promptly with either a pair of tweezers or tick pliers. It’s important to make sure the entirety of the tick’s body is removed.  Owners should also speak with their dog’s veterinarian regarding vaccination against Lyme disease, protection against parasites with preventatives like K9 Advantix, and more information regarding local tick-borne illnesses.

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