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The Latest Trends in Pet Products

Pet parents spend billions annually on furry family members. And, if you are looking to spoil your fur kids, there’s no shortage of fabulous new gadgets and gizmos, interactive toys and games, and droolicious treats. About 900 new products debuted at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida, this March. Here are some of the highlights from that show that are already available at a pet store near you.

For those tech-savvy pet parents, there’s a terrific selection of electronic gadgets to keep you connected and enhance that human-animal bond.


The Motorola Scout 1 Pet Video Monitor allows you to check in on your fur kid from a smartphone, tablet or computer via a free app for both Apple and Android devices. The camera pans 270 degrees so you can check what’s happening at your pet’s favorite snooze zone on the couch or even at the food bowl. You can talk to your pet and even play them a selection of four soothing songs. The video monitor is great for checking in on overly playful puppies, elderly pets or those recovering from illness or surgery. The camera even records ambient temperature in the room and has night vision lens. Available from PetSmart, it costs $199. (Motorola Scout1000 Wireless Video Pet Monitor) 


Interactive toys are great for spending time playing with your dog. But are you tired of throwing a Frisbee for your pooch, who brings the slobbery disc back for you to do all over again? The new Fetchbee is a patented “throwing arm” that allows you to pick and throw the disc without actually having to touch it. T


This toy will definitely hone your cat’s hunting and pouncing skills. This battery-operated toy from KONG uses magnetic levitation technology to make the feather toys bounce, jump and spin unpredictably in and out of the peek-a-boo holes. It’s sure to keep felines engaged and guessing where the feather will appear next. It costs $24.95 and is available from pet stores nationwide. 


The ThunderLeash is a “no pull” solution for over-excited dogs that allows you both to enjoy a hassle-free walk. It can be used as a standard leash hooking onto a dog’s collar, and quickly and easily converts to a “no pull” harness configuration any time pulling becomes an issue by simply wrapping the leash around your dog’s torso. The light pressure of the harness around the body reduces a canine’s desire to pull. Its unique design is based on a dog training technique called the “Dutch half-hitch” that involves looping a leash around the flank or belly, and tightening it to distract and help settle an overactive or leash-aggressive dog that may pull hard or become very agitated at the sight of other animals or strangers. It’s available in two sizes and costs $29.95. (


This new TheraCool gel mat made from non-toxic gel cells, is from the PetTherapeutics™ range from Enchanted Home Pets designed in conjunction with Dr. Andre Shih, an associate professor of the Small Animal Clinic at the University of Florida. Its designed to help reduce inflammation, provide support, ease pain, promote circulation and have a cooling effect on inflamed pressure points in both dogs and cats. Other therapeutic mats in the range feature different therapeutic technologies. The TheraWarm™ uses reflecting thermal technology to maintain your pet’s temperature by reflecting the heat your pet’s body generates. The MagnaPETic™ has magnetic pads to help reduce

chronic main and discomfort after trauma or injury. There is also a memory foam mat designed for aging pets and those that have orthopedic needs. The mats are available in three sizes with prices starting at $29.99. (


The Whistle Activity Monitor is like a Fitbit but for dogs. This sleek lightweight device attaches to a dog’s collar and monitors activity levels. It creates a timeline and helps pet parents make more informed decisions about their pet’s health and needs. Beyond the daily snapshot, trends are tracked over time. This information, such as more or less sleep or a change in activity — can help pet parents and their veterinarians make more informed health and lifestyle decisions. Whether you are at work or on vacation, the device allows you to stay connected from anywhere. It also works with a free mobile app available for both Apple and Android devices. It costs $129. (PetSmart)


Organix Jerky Chip Cookies

Yes! At last — a chocolate chip-styled cookie for dogs! All natural foods and treats are a fast growing trend in pet nutrition and these Castor & Pollux Organix Jerky Chip cookies are USDA-certified all-natural, oven-baked treats made with organic oatmeal and protein-packed jerky chips. They are available with chicken, salmon, beef liver or lamb chips. The treats also contain organic fruits and vegetables like organic peas, organic apples and organic carrots, and contain no corn or soy, making them a really healthy snack. Despite being crunchy they are easy to break and use as a training treat to reward good behavior — or just because you love your dog. The product costs $6.99 at Petco and Unleashed by Petco stores nationwide.


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