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A Happy Ending – NYC Subway Kittens Adopted


Arthur and August, the infamous New York City “subway kittens,” have found a home. Katherine and Keith Lubeley, a couple from Brooklyn, have adopted the mischief-making cats.

“We had been thinking about adopting rescue cats for a while and specifically wanted two bonded kittens, so it wasn’t out of the blue,” the couple told New York magazine. “Just perfect timing. And these two have a crazy special bond!”

The Lubeleys said Arthur and August have settled into their new digs nicely. “They’ve found all the apartment’s soft, sunny places and quiet nooks,” the couple said. “They are having a rollicking good time getting to know their new kingdom.”

The kittens gained national attention six weeks ago when they stranded themselves on the tracks of New York City’s subway. The little buggers brought the system to a halt for two hours so they could be rescued.

After their subway adventure, Arthur and August went into foster care under Steven Liu, 25, of Bushwick, Brooklyn, who looked after the kittens until they were old enough to be adopted into their permanent home with the Lubeleys.


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