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Tails of the City opens up a new branch in Prince William County of the City has expanded its pet care services to Prince William County, VA, covering the cities of Woodbridge, Manassas and the surrounding areas. The Prince William County branch, like its parent and sister branches will offer the following services:  

Midday Dog Walking

Pet Exercise/Physical Fitness

Pet Sitting

Overnight Pet Sitting

House Sitting

Pet Taxi

Complex Pet Meds Administration

Pet Waste Removal

Pet Errand Concierge Service

Meet the owner of the newest branch:

Susann Ferrell


Susann Ferrell is a certified animal lover and has been since was a child. Having grown up with animals, she developed a natural affinity for quadrupeds, great and small, and learned from her parents, at a young age, the importance of caring for all living beings with the respect they deserve and the full, undivided attention they need. Susann’s childhood family pets include dogs and cats, mice, a pony and fish. Presently, Susann is the proud co-owner of an African Dwarf Aquatic Frog named Lily. She and her 8-year old son, Joshua, jointly care for Lily. It is her hope that through this experience of animal stewardship, Susann can instill in Joshua, the same love for animals her parents taught her coupled with the understanding that caring for animals is a serious responsibility.

Susann has devoted her career to tending to the needs of others – pets, children and the elderly. A true entrepreneur, Susann has owned and operated successful small businesses to include a residential home cleaning service, home day care for children and a concierge service. She has been a leader in the child and elder care fields. Through her involvement in her home cleaning and concierge errand services, she has had the opportunity to care for her client’s pets when they find themselves too busy at work or on vacation travel.

Due to the increased demand in pet care, necessitated by the complex work schedules and endless life demands on clients, Susann felt there was a need to broaden the pet care aspect of her concierge service so joined Tails of the City as the Prince William County branch owner so that she can solely focus her energies on the growing needs of pet owners and their pets.

Susann continues to educate herself all all facets of animal care so she can best meet the needs of her clients.

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